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We had a wonderful teacher training class on sequencing last night. The subject matter covered was very much review for me. I have attended enough yoga classes to have a pretty good sense of what patterns are usually followed. Basically you start slow and go up up up.. and then ahhhhhhhhh you go down down down. I like the down part the best myself.

What is interesting though it that much of what I want to be teaching once I graduate doesn’t follow this pattern at all. The classes I want to teach are slow and steady with very few noticeable “blips” in them. I think part of the reason this appeals to me is because we spend so much of our time in western culture going fast, zipping about and generally stressing ourselves. I don’t think we place enough value on going slow. Stillness is not considered productive but really it is. Stillness heals us and allows us to be more efficient when we are being productive. Slow calming yoga improves our sleep. It clears our minds. It creates space. Funny, I never thought I would become one of those slow mellow like-to-sit-still people. When I was younger I always thought those types of people were horribly boring. Now my life is so full and busy all the time… empty, calm and slow moments seem like heaven to me.