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 We focused on the third chakra (manipura) this week in my teacher training. It didn’t go very well for me. I wanted to lie in some mellow supported heart opening posture but instead we were doing side plank, plank, boat pose and a few other insane core strengthening poses. Core strength has never been one of my strong points. I was getting a lot stronger in my core a few years back and then I had a baby. Welcome back blubber tummy!! Blurgh.

This chakra is all about fire, power, energy. I had hoped focusing on this chakra would stimulate and invigorate me but it hasn’t. Maybe next time? I can feel this is an energy center I need to pay attention to. It is something I need in my life. More will power, more internal fire, more self esteem.. This chakra rules the stomach and kidneys. Two areas of my body that have been known to have issues. My internal digestive fires certainly need some stoking.  I think I will come back to this chakra and work more thoroughly with it again once my teacher training is done (and I have had at least a week of 8 hours a night of sleep in a row).

Really I am just hanging on until next week when we do the heart chakra. Bring on the supported heart opening postures please! This yogini is tired.