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http://yogaspot.wordpress.com/yoga-communities/I taught my first group class on the weekend. It was a small group (5) which felt perfect for me. I was less nervous going into it than I thought I would be. My mouth was REALLY dry though and I had forgotten my water bottle. Oh these silly little details hey? The panicked little set of sun salutations I had taught in my teacher training had really knocked my confidence down as a teacher and left me wondering if this was something I wanted to do. Yoga is supposed to bring less stress in my life not more. All kinds of self doubts were creeping back in about my decision to teach. Thankfully the weekend class helped me feel a bit more grounded again. I do want to teach yoga. I  keep reminding myself that it will get easier. I do feel a little like this whole teacher training is a bit of a hurricane in my life though. I am having a really hard time finding enough hours to go to the training, do the homework and reading, maintain my own yoga practice, prep for classes and actually practice teach. I have a bit of guilt about how much less attention my kids are getting from me too. Thankfully this course isn’t too long. It isn’t like I am doing my masters degree or anything.

One of the interesting pieces of feedback was how my “mirroring moves” was confusing for one of the students. Basically I face the students and say “lift your left arm” but I lift my right. Because I am facing out our lifted arm is on the same “side”. For one student this was very confusing because they felt they should do exactly what I was doing. It is my experience that most students don’t even notice this and get mixed up if it is done the other way. However when I talked to my husband about it he said that he was taught to “experience” the postures with the students and because of this he always lifts the “same arm” the students are lifting. I suppose it is just style. I am not totally sure if I will stick with mirroring or not but for now I want to practice it. Which leaves me asking all of you.. do you find it easier when a teacher “mirrors you” in yoga or when you and then teacher lift the same side??? even if that means their arm is on one side of the room and all the students arms are lifting to the other side.