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Heart Chakra by my amazingly talented friend Buffalo Bob- http://www.youtube.com/user/BuffaloB0b

We started studying the Anahata Chakra last night (heart chakra) which was a huge relief. Anahata focuses on love, compassion, self care. Hear that?? SELF CARE. Yup. That is why I was so eager to get to this chakra. I really feel that I need a gentle soft approach to yoga these days. I still haven’t recovered from the exhaustion having a baby caused me these past couple years. I feel delicate and like I don’t have any reserves or resources to draw on when things get a little intense. Rest, relaxation, proper diet and deep sleep are kind of my top priorities at the moment. Losing the baby weight can come after.

We did a nice practice last night using dowels in our hands to keep awareness about our shoulders and back. There is a tendency in yoga to scrunch the shoulders up tight when moving into postures. The dowels helped remind us to keep them wide and open. I have used this technique in belly dance classes before. I thought it was interesting that the teacher focused on our shoulders and back during our “heart class”.  The back of our heart should remain open too, not just the front of our bodies. Whenever I think of the heart chakra I automatically think of the front of the chest. It was helpful to be reminded that there is more to our bodies than our front side.