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I had another session of teaching my classmates last night. I decided to teach Yoga Nidra which thankfully fit within our “Anahata Chakra” themed week. I think it went well… way better than my last teaching with this group. I seem to get VERY NERVOUS teaching my classmates though. Way more nervous than when I teach anyone else. When I started the meditation my voice was shaking. It was so difficult to try to relax the group while I was so wound. I kept having to consciously drop my voice lower. “Go slower Julia.. slower.. you are supposed to be relaxing these people not giving them a pep talk.”

I seem to be really attracted to teaching slow yoga. I suspect part of that is because of my nervousness teaching. I really need to hear the words “slow down” when I teach. If I teach  a relaxing style of yoga it reminds me to chill out and enjoy the teaching. I am curious to see if this changes as I get more experience teaching. My natural tendency is to be a bit of a hyper chatty Cathy so I am but surprised this is the direction I seem to be going in with my yoga teaching.