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This weekend we split our class into teams and designed a full yoga class on a decided theme. Each team member taught for roughly twenty minutes. The general public was invited attend the classes and our teacher training instructors sat on the sidelines watching the class, writing notes and collecting feed back for us. It was a little stressful.

Thankfully our team had decided on Santosa as our theme. Santosa is one of the niyamas in yogic philosophy which loosely translates to being “content with the present moment”. Because of our theme our class was pretty slow and relaxed. We tried to include lots of encouragement and acceptance into our teaching. I had worried that the mixing of multiple teachers and our totally different styles would make our class feel a bit jarring but it actually went pretty well. I think. It is hard to tell when you are on the inside how thing are going.

I had meant to say more in my teaching section. I had meant to teach more postures. It all went really fast though and I ended up cutting a lot out to keep my section in its time slot. That seems to be common (cutting stuff out). I seem able to get through a lot more postures in my personal practice than I do when I teach. I am starting to get a better feel for timing though which is good. I teach SLOW… I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing especially since I am mostly interesting in teaching beginners, people with injuries, and people struggling with mental health issues.