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I seem to have injured my knee. I guess I injured it a while ago. I have some vague memory of limping about a year ago when I had just gotten back into exercise after having the baby. The limp went away and I thought nothing of it… except for noticing sometimes in the bath that the back of one knee seemed a bit bigger than the other.  It wasn’t painful and didn’t bother me. It came and went. I guess, unbeknownst to me, I had developed a baker’s cyst. Yoga, if done correctly, shouldn’t aggravate this condition. However if you don’t know know you have a knee injury some postures can cause this condition to worsen. I didn’t know I was injured. I did some DEEP back of the knee stretches and the swelling got worse. Yoga encourages movement of synovial fluid in our joints (including knees). This is a good thing except when you are suffering from inflammation or swelling in the joints. This extra fluid seems to have pooled in the back of my knee limiting movement. GREAT.  Just what I need while I am doing my yoga teacher training.

I am trying to look on the bright side. I want to teach gentle yoga. I want to be able to teach people who are recovering from injuries. I want to help people who have mobility issues through yoga. So having this condition helps me learn right? Learn how to move in and out of asanas safely with an injury? The yoga does seem to help my comfort levels. It helps with the pain. It FORCES me to take it easy in asanas, to step backward and go slow. The whole thing is kind of ironic. Thankfully we are getting into the “how to work with injured bodies” part of my teacher training.