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We are studying the Klesha’s in my yoga teacher training right now. Klesha’s are apparently the “root cause of our suffering” and if we lessen their control in our life we will feel more at peace.

The five Kleshas are:

  • Ignorance (Avidya)
  • Ego (Asmita)
  • Attachment to Pleasure (Raga)
  • Aversion to Pain (Dvesa)
  • Fear of Death (Abhinivesah)

Before our Klesha study session we did a Yin Yoga class. I was so excited… I LOVE YIN YOGA… I was careful with my knee in the postures, pulling way back compared to what I usually do in Yin. The practice was comfortable but afterwards my knee started to swell up and hurt. The Yin Yoga totally aggravated it despite my being careful.  I am finding myself really challenged with this injury.  It doesn’t hurt too much so I try to do things. I don’t feel like I am straining in anyway but then I get this intense pain “after”… I am really frustrated by it.

So here we were, in the study session, talking about how aversions, suffering, attachment to things being a certain way.. and I am getting more and more tied in mental knots because of this damn injury. I was annoyed. Yoga philosophy is great and all when things are good but it gets a lot more challenging once you are actually being presented with situations that are painful and/or uncomfortable. I left the class feeling angry, sad, frustrated… with some philosophical food for thought about how to be a little more accepting of things “just as they are”. Yoga is annoying sometimes…