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My body seems to be falling apart.. Okay, so maybe I am being a little over-dramatic but I am REALLY having some challenges physically right now. First my right knee got hurt, then I hurt my right hand using a hatchet, then some mystery red swelling showed up in my left foot making it sore, now my LEFT knee is hurting. What the hell is going on?????

I don’t think this has as much to do with all the yoga I have been doing as it would seem. The yoga we have been doing is pretty gentle compared to what I am used to. I have done LOTS more yoga in the past with no issues. Lots of really active intense deep insane stretching yoga. The only really difference is that we are “refining our postures” a lot more. I have had to come out of some comfortable old habits with my body but I haven’t been going anywhere new that is particularly deep.

Pain is an interesting thing. It really gets in the way. I can feel myself getting a bit snappy. My temper is a little shorter than usual. I can see this happening. I can control it to some extent but it is a little wearing. I really don’t do “delicate” well. I sure hope I can sort out how to deal with this sort of thing before I am elderly.

Thankfully last night’s teacher training was about MANTRA. Yay!. We got to sing, chant and do all kinds of lovely gentle moving postures.The teacher also took us through a toning & movement meditation from the Shintaido martial arts tradition (Shintaido Tenshingoso Sei). It was lovely and very gentle.  I will certainly do it again in my own time and would like to commit it to memory. I have posted a video of the sequence below but unfortunately can’t find one with sound (which really makes the experience fuller).