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Our main yoga training teachers are away right teaching a workshop so we have had a week of guest teachers coming in. Tonight we had Melissa McLeod from Bloom Yoga come in to work with us on some core awareness. She is the lady that teaches the workshop that many of us have heard of and giggled at… “Stop your bladder from ruining your life!” Her teaching style is fun, she has a great sense of humour, and her energy is uplifting and contagious. She is also a personal trainer and is very polished in how she presents herself.

The class was fun and surprisingly didn’t seem to aggravate my knee at all. I am having an exceptionally hard time sorting out what hurts it and what doesn’t. We did a pretty standard group of asanas. I didn’t do any downward dogs though. I am pretty sure that is one of the postures that makes my knee(s) worse. So when everyone else was warming up I was in child’s pose. I also seemed unable to do plank because of my damn wrist/hand (hatchet injury, note to self: no hatchets before 7am).  I did plank on my forearms instead. I am having a hard time getting used to this reduced movement but at least I am still doing some yoga. I am sure there is a big lesson in here too.. although at the moment I haven’t found it.