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I teach two short yoga classes every Sunday now. Often I head into these classes feeling a little overwhelmed and tired but a beautiful thing happens once the classes get going. I relax, my energy lifts and my mood brightens. I am extremely grateful for the energy of the students and the sharing of our practice together. “Thank you for sharing your practice with me” is something I have heard yoga teachers say a zillion times. Whenever I heard yoga teachers talk about this in the past I thought they were being pretty cheezy… but it really does happen. There really is a genuine feeling of sharing. I learn a lot from my students. I am extremely touched when they give me honest feedback. I LOVE it when they ask questions. I just really feel connected and happy to be having this yoga experience with others.
I have struggled a lot with feelings of doubt in regards to my decision to start teaching yoga. When I was first researching it several people looked at me as if I was a bit of idiot for pursuing this path. I was told things like “Don’t you know there are thousands of yoga teachers already in this town?” or “There is NO MONEY to be made teaching yoga, it is a saturated industry heading for a fall”.  I heard a lot of stories about people who did their yoga teacher training and didn’t end up teaching. I am glad I went for it anyway (with a huge amount of help and support from my family). People said similar doomsday kinds of things to me when I decided to be a designer too but that turned out okay. If something really really really calls out to someone I think it should at least be explored. Even if it doesn’t work out we have to try right? Following your dreams comes with some risks. I really feel like I will end up teaching when this training is done. It just feels right.

Photo is Sri Yukteshwar Giri. He was  Paramhansa Yogananda‘s guru. He’s my “old man yoga crush”.