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Yay! Our main yoga training teachers are back in town and we are studying the chakras again. Our focus this week is on Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra. This chakra focuses on communication… both the speaking and listening parts of communication. The sanskrit word Visuddha means “purification.” To successfully reach and open the fifth chakra, the body must attain a certain level of purification, which helps to achieve the sensitivity needed for the subtler levels of the upper chakra. 

This is the chakra that encourages us to speak our truth to the world and ourselves. It is about honesty and it’s demon is “LIES”. When this chakra is open and balanced it encourages personal expression, choice, willpower and knowing your personal life vision/goals. Unbalanced it can cause lying, addiction, fatigue and criticism. I think it is interesting because this is an area of my body that feels very alive.. however it is also the area that I almost always get sick in when I catch a bug. Sore throats are kind of common in my life.