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I have REALLY been enjoying the teacher training this week. We are focusing more on working with injuries which is perfect for me, seeing as I am slightly injured and interesting in teaching yoga therapeutically. Last night we broke down shoulder stand (Salamba Sarvangasana). This is a posture that can be risky for many people so we spent a lot of time looking at this posture in our fellow students, noticing how bodies take stress (or don’t) in this posture. We also learnt how to test and see if someone should even be doing shoulder stand. Basically if the student can’t get into bridge with their hands clasped underneath they should not be doing shoulder stand. Now I know why shoulder stand so often follows bridge! As I progress further in this training I am feeling more and more certain that I would like to work teaching yoga in a therapeutic setting. I am not sure how this will work out for me in Victoria but at least I feel a strong direction and sense of focus with my interest to teach. I want to teach in studios too!! But I really feel a calling to teach people who might not normally go to a studio.