As you all probably know by now I am suffering a bit from a knee injury which has made doing my yoga teacher training a little challenging. Last night we had a past grad from Ajna Yoga School come in and do a class specifically on healing knees and ankles. The irony.. it made my knee feel a little worse. Course, she was a GREAT teacher who kept encouraging me to baby my knee, and I am a STUBBORN STUDENT who kept thinking it was okay what I was doing.  Just like she used to before her knee surgery. Apparently knee problems are not as uncommon as you would think with serious yogis.

Sometimes I am astounded at how dense I can be. I don’t know if it is because I was a competitive athlete when I was younger or some other reason. I just push my body. Continually. I strive. My ego gets all tangled up in my physical practice. I remind myself again and again to step back a bit. I have come really far… going backwards. And that is what it feels like. Going backwards. Oh yoga, what fun and delightful life lessons you have for me. How much I am learning about myself through all of this practice. Sigh….