We are getting into the really juicy part of my yoga teacher training.. or at least it is juicy for me. We are learning about teaching people with injuries, illness etc. It is a ton of fun hearing about how different postures affect different ailments. Not all yoga is good yoga,  depending on who you are and what you are practicing. I am realizing that a lot of the yoga I was initially attracted to was actually quite terrible for my body. As much as I love to do those crazy arm/wrist balancing postures they are going to have to be kept to a minimum in my yoga practice. This stepping back and being honest with myself about my limitations is proving to be one of the biggest and most challenging lessons in my yoga practice. I am learning a lot about myself.

In our last class we covered teaching people with high blood pressure and different kinds of arthritis. It is sort of an art form sequencing classes for people with different needs. For instance, people with high blood pressure shouldn’t do a lot of “up and downing” nor should their head drop below their heart. That certainly changes the average sequence you would see in a regular class into something entirely different. I am quite enjoying these sorts of challenges in sequencing though. It is a bit like playing yoga tetris. So many options… but they have to be put in the right place for everything to fit. In a few days we cover mental health and yoga. YES YES YES!!! This is exactly where I want to be working in yoga because my own experiences with yoga had such a dramatic and personal effect on my own mental health. I  will keep you all posted with what I learn.