We had a guest teacher come in to share some centering visualizations and meditation techniques with us. I always LOVE this sort of thing and slip into very strong visualizations easily. Not everyone does though. I wondered if a few of my fellow yoga teacher training students were bored out their skulls during this class. I know my husband would have been. I have done workshops like this with him before. Him dying of boredom.. me all excited because the fiery flame of some Buddhist sacred dog from a castle in heaven just came down and blessed me. It is funny how my husband and I have such similar ideas about spirituality despite taking such different paths to get to those conclusions.

Although I had never done the exercises we covered they all felt very familiar to me. They had elements of Chi Kung, Tonglen and even Western Magick in them. A lot of the focus was on clearing out unwanted energies and waking up to our pure spiritual self. I felt all cleaned out and shiny on my “insides” after.