For most of this yoga teacher training I have felt stiff and sore during our asana classes. So have a few of my fellow students. I have been doing all this yoga yet I feel less flexible than I did before I started this training.  I talked to my teachers about this and one of them suggested that perhaps it is because we were focusing SO MUCH on our bodies that we were noticing aches and pains more. I suppose that might be part of it. I think it is something else though.

We really are looking deeply into our postures in this course. Refining, refining, refining. It has taken a lot of effort. I miss my old practice in many ways despite the fact that my alignment maybe wasn’t as good as it could have been. My old practice was more comfortable. I had postures I liked and I did them how I liked. They felt goooooood. Most yoga classes are too busy for teachers to really come over and fine tune my postures the way we having during this training. One of my teachers talks a lot about finding the “lightness” in postures but honestly the way we have been doing them has felt like a lot more effort. I have felt heavier not lighter. I have felt stiffer not more supple. I made a decision to stick with it though. I trust the two teachers I am doing my training with very much and figured twelve weeks of following their suggestions wasn’t going to hurt me. They are gentle teachers who give lots of alternatives so we can keep our bodies safe. One of the teachers even instructs a class of students age 80-100. So I have listened and taken their advice. Last night I FINALLY felt good in an asana class. I FINALLY got that feeling of lightness they have been talking about. Maybe they know what they are talking about after all??