I have been getting to do a TON of yoga lately which has been wonderful. We are in the exam part of my teacher training meaning that each day we get two classes taught by our fellow students. I am greatly enjoying the classes my peers have been presenting. They each have such a unique and personal style while still integrating the things we have learnt  from our course. My exam class is the LAST ONE of the bunch. In some ways I am happy for the extra time to prepare but in other ways the waiting is just increasing my nervousness. I am going to teach (what I think will be) a test run of my exam class tomorrow to my “guinea pigs”. They have been taking yoga from me during this course and I hope they have some good feed back for me. I do have a sequence already planned completely but I keep doubting if it is any good. I want to rewrite it but I suspect I am probably just over thinking the whole thing and should just keep with what I have. Isn’t yoga suppose to be relaxing??? I am feeling awfully stressed about this yoga exam.

It is my last week of school and I have a lot of mixed feelings I am dealing with. Sadness is perhaps the biggest emotion. I am really going to miss these women. I know we will keep in touch but it isn’t quite the same. Even my best friends for twenty years I only get to see a few times a month. This group of women really have become a big part of my daily life and it feels a little funny that it will just be over in a week. I am looking forward to having a little more time for other things though. My house really is in shambles. My husband looks totally worn from carrying the extra load. My baby is clingy and whiny and totally needing some more time doing things out of the house. And my son.. well.. I suppose he will be happy to have me back around cracking the whip, keeping him in line. He would never admit it but I suspect he likes it better when I nag him to clean himself, his room etc etc.

So onward and upward.. as long as I don’t totally blow it I will be a official yoga teacher this time next week. Info about my new website and newsletter to follow in the next few weeks.