I taught a test run of my exam class to a few students on the weekend. The class was very small but I appreciated having some feedback. It went okay but I am going to do a few changes just so the class flows a bit better. The thing that struck me the most during the teaching though didn’t have anything to do with the actual exam class sequence though. Instead it was the realization of how unique every students experience is in a yoga class. I won’t get into the details. I feel that might be overstepping some boundaries in regards to privacy of the students… however I really realized this weekend how differently the same yoga class can feel. I suppose this is obvious but I hadn’t really thought about that before. I have kind of been running on the assumption that my teaching style will either annoy or please students and probably I won’t see the annoyed ones more than a couple times. It never really occurred to me that my teaching won’t be seen in the way I see it. I mean.. my yoga teachers even mentioned this but for some reason it didn’t sink in. Oh how beautifully dense I can be sometimes.