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I taught my exam class on Thursday. It went okay. Not as well as I would have liked but I think it was good enough considering how nervous I was. When my nerves get all worked up out my brain goes out the window. I had things meant to say but I kept forgetting everything. Instead I just kept coming back to the breath because that was only instructions I could remember in my jittery state. Really I needed to breath so I kept saying it over and over again to my class. It wasn’t a bad reminder for them I suppose. Teaching yoga is funny that way. It always seems to be a of process of teaching yourself yoga as you explain it to others.

I passed. The comments from the instructor were pretty positive too which is nice. I think my teachers are pretty gentle with their criticisms though so it is hard to know how the class really was. But I am done the hardest part… I have made the mental transition from wondering how I will ever teach yoga to thinking of myself as a yoga teacher. Once your mind is convinced your are “something”  the rest usually falls in place. Next I suppose I have to get out in the world to start networking. First I am going to take a few days off though.