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"Cupid’s Wings" with Acro Yoga instructors Greg Franklin & Kathryn Ulrich

Our last class with the Ajna Teacher Training group was a partner yoga style class. I have dreaded partnering up in yoga classes in the past. I go to yoga to have a feeling of solitude and peace. Being forced to touch someone I don’t know in a yoga class has often annoyed me. This class however was different because I know and care about everyone who was in the room with me.. and it was more Acro Style Yoga than partner yoga. So really it was like performing circus acts which is something I have touched on in other parts of my life. I LOVE CIRCUS STYLE BODY MOVEMENT. The martial arts group I used to practice with had lots of dancers/performers and we spent many hours trying out silks and doing acrobatics. I also used to perform with a group called The Poi Pixies doing black light and fire dancing. So surprise to me!!! I loved the last “Acro” style class we did and now I really want to do some Acro Yoga. I think I will stick to teaching the more meditative stuff though.