I didn’t have time for yoga the past few days. I was working over time. I was having all sorts of other emergencies come up. My stress levels were through the roof and I really couldn’t find a moment to practice even though I desperately needed it. I am a bit worried that this will become a habit. Life swooping in like this without me taking time for myself. The thing is… I really do need to “book” in time to heal, practice yoga and be quiet.. It really is important no matter what else is going on. So I am climbing back on the “yoga horse” as it were tonight, no matter what happens or who thinks I have other stuff to do that is “more important” and “more urgent”. Yoga is important to me. It helps my outlook on life, my mental health, my energy and my basic feelings of being a whole, complete and content human being. It keeps me sane.

Picture above is my graduating class… They are all such lovely ladies who I am already missing so much!!