For the rest of December I have a space booked for two hours to teach on Sundays even though my class is only an hour. I can’t afford to keep doing this but has been lovely to have some dedicated time to practice. Leaving the house and going to a studio makes the whole “I am doing yoga now” thing so much easier. I spend the hour before class doing my own yoga. I practice some more challenging postures I am working on and run through the postures I will be teaching during class. Having this extra time really helps me become focused. I am going to miss this in the new year. Thankfully I am feeling a little more comfortable teaching now so hopefully the 15-20 minutes mental prep time before class I will end up having will be enough.

The class this weekend was small. Like “one person” kind of small. It is actually a bit harder to teach just one person for some reason. It feels far more intimate. When there are more people there I can make “suggestions” during the asanas without it seeming like I am talking too much to one person. Obviously this dynamic changes when there is only one student there. I also notice I tend to get a little more lost in the yoga when there is only one person. I get more spaced out like I do when I practice on my own at home. Having more people in the class tends to keep my awareness more on the surface rather than deeper down. I suppose both states are good in their own way.. just different.

I have one more week of teaching and then I am taking a few weeks off from teaching. Over the holidays I am going to be writing a paper on utilizing yoga in addiction treatment. It is my hope in the new year to start teaching yoga in some sort of addictions treatment program. I suspect this will be just be on a volunteer basis at first but I do hope to get some grant funding for this sort of thing once I have a bit more experience.