Since my teacher training program has been over I have felt a bit lost. I knew this would happen but it is still challenging. Being immersed so fully in yoga and then having that structure go away is a bit of adjustment. I am doing okay.. but noticing the struggle for sure.

I thought it would be best to just get out there and get my butt to a yoga class. I decided to go to a restorative class taught by one of my favorite local teachers Jennifer Piercy. Sadly she was away so it ended up being a sub teacher. However the sub was a teacher who had come and done some workshops in my teacher training so it was good (and fun) to see her regardless. She is not usually a restorative teacher. I greatly enjoyed watching her take her normal teaching style and fine tune it into a “restorative” style class. Usually she is very upbeat active kind of teacher.

The class was at Hemma, which is a studio I used to work the front desk at. My old “yoga stomping grounds” as it were. It was kind of weird going back after not being there for such a long time. It reminded me a bit like going home after being away for a long time, or returning to your childhood school. It was nice to be there but sort of made me realize that I really do want to find a one studio and just stick with it. I have been bargain hopping all the yoga deals around town and it is getting tiresome. I just want to practice in one place and stay there for a while. Maybe I’ll even just practice with one teacher for a while and see how that feels… a really good one!! Thankfully we have a lot of teachers in Victoria to choose from.