Whew.. life really got away with me there for a bit. Christmas, wedding anniversary and then New Years ate up any spare time I had to write on here. I did get in at least SOME yoga over the holidays. I would say I averaged every second day. I am back on track now though. Both with yoga and “hopefully” blogging.

I used up my five class pass at the Victoria Iyengar Centre and activated a month long pass to Bikram Hot Yoga. Yes you heard me right.. I have a confession. I LOVE Bikram’s Yoga. I don’t much like Bikram or his teaching style and I always feel a little guilty putting money into his pocket. Despite this  I do really like the 26 postures they do in those classes. I also LOVE being in the heat. Unlike many people I have talked to who have done Bikram’s I feel pretty comfortable in a hot studio. I don’t find the postures are particularly difficult either so it is a nice yoga session where I finally feel WARM enough. Winters around here really do get to me.

So ya.. Bikram’s…  It is a nice blend with my own teachings and my personal practice at home right now. I suspect I will go for the one month and then return to the Iyengar Centre but hey.. it gets me in a hot room for January. That is a good thing.