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I taught my first real general public (not my friends) yoga class yesterday. It was a Gentle Hatha class with four students. We spent the first half of the class focusing on chest openers and then the last half working on the hips. I think it went well. I didn’t stutter or say “Um” too many times. One of the students was injured though. My first injured student. Woohoo? I was extremely grateful for all the anatomy lessons we did in my teacher training because when she used the “technical name” for what was hurting I actually knew what she was talking about. Anatomy isn’t really what I love about yoga but I think it is important to have the at least the basics down so when someone comes in and says they have “meniscus” or “psoas” damage I have a bit of clue what part of the body they are referring to.

I am up to teaching three classes a week now.. I am going to stay with that for a few weeks and see how it feels. If I feel like that amount is comfortable my next step is to start working towards teaching a class in an addictions recovery setting. Really that is what I am passionate about. Teaching yoga in a “mental health” or “addictions treatment” environment. If anyone has ideas of where to go for this.. or who to talk to about setting something up please let me know.

My own personal practice is chugging along but isn’t really ground breaking or amazing right now. I am still working through this knee injury and feel like I am having to relearn my body all over again. I try to look at the positive side of this (oh what a great learning experience!) but in all honesty I am still feeling a lot of frustration. I just keep reminding myself to mellow out on the striving. I say this to my students a lot but really I think a huge part of the reason I teach this aspect of yoga is because I SO DESPERATELY need to remind myself. “Slow down, no rushing.. patient and honest with our bodies”

Tomorrow I teach a chakra yoga class. I am LOVING teaching this one..I am learning so much preparing the classes.