I have started teaching a chakra yoga class which I am loving. Each week we do different asanas that relate to a specific chakra. I always have LOTS to say in my notes but once the class gets going I never seem to get to any of it. I suppose that is okay. Simple is good.. besides I am still choking on my instructors a little bit when I teach. It is harder when the class is people I know. I found it a lot easier the other night when 3/4 of the class were strangers. When my nervousness boils up my tongue gets a bit tangled. I know what I want to say but it comes out wrong. I REALLY hope this will go away as I get more experience. Sometimes I forget the simplest things….like the word “thigh” or “rotate”. It’s just nerves but it sure makes me feel kind of dense.

What I do love about this class is the fact that I am FORCED to keep learning in preparation for the classes. It is really easy to get lazy and just repeat what you know but by taking on this “Chakra Series” I am having to study quite a bit. And I am learning a ton which is wonderful. Maybe next time I will even be less tongue tied and able to pass on some of this information to the students.