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When I was doing my yoga teacher training we spent a week on each chakra . The third chakra (Manipura) was by far my most challenging week. I was a wreck. I totally blew one of my practice teachings. I was completely unfocused, emotional and I swayed between being fragile and pissy the whole week. OBVIOUSLY this is an “energy” in my life I need to work on a little bit.

This week I teach the Manipura chakra. I am feeling totally confused about how to approach it. In general my teachings are very gentle. They are about acceptance and being honest with ourselves. I try to work on getting my students to feel at peace with themselves and their bodies. Third chakra has more to do with striving. The postures related to this chakra build heat. It is a masculine energy. Achievement, confidence, personal power.. these are all good things to have right? However I feel that so often striving to achieve can cause harm. It is just an energy that is counter intuitive to how I usually teach.

So how do I teach something that isn’t really natural for me? I suppose I just dive in and teach it regardless. It is good to push ourselves sometimes. And really…. there is a lightness in this chakra. This is where we feel proud. There is an innocent energy of a child here. Growing, learning, accomplishing and maybe even showing off a little bit. I am hoping we find some laughter in the class rather than frustration. I think I will leave the posture I have posted a picture of above out of the class though.