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I often incorporate a few Yin Yoga postures into my yoga classes. I can’t help it. It is one of my favorite types of yoga. At the end of a yoga class slowing down and becoming quiet is so powerful. I think when I was introduced to Yin Yoga I really needed to meditate but I was completely unattracted  to the idea of sitting still. Yin Yoga fooled me. I believed I was doing  a physical yoga practice. I was “doing” something… but really what I need to do was “not do”. Yin Yoga provides a nice balance between “doing” and “not doing“. There is just enough movement to keep me alert while still having enough stillness to allow me to reach a meditative type state.

I taught my first full Yin class last night and I loved it. It feels very natural to be teaching Yin  Yoga. The slow pace as a new teacher is quite easy to work with too. I am just filling in for a teacher with this class but I think I will start trying to teach more Yin classes throughout Victoria. Energetically it just feels really good to me.