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In preparing for my third chakra class I have been going over asanas associated with the “feeling” of this chakra in my own practice. Ouch.. I think I pushed too hard. My knee and ,my shoulder both feel incredibly sore now. Manipura chakra embodies an energy that I really struggle with. It is about confidence, self power, energy, willpower, achievement…None of which are bad things but for some reason I have a very hard time finding the balance with this energy. Things either fizzle out for me in an unfocused manner or I push WAY TOO HARD and end up hurting myself. I greatly enjoy doing third chakra style practices. It clears up my sinuses and makes me feel energized. I just seem to pay afterwards. Somewhere in my head I still think my almost 40 year old body should be able to do what my 20 year old body did. Which really comes to the issue I have in my own personal practice. Somewhere in my “head” I am “performing” my yoga. Really I should be practicing in my body. I know this… really.. I know this… but it seems my “head” keeps forgetting this little detail.