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There is a conference happening in Vancouver that I desperately want to go to. It is the Third International Fascia Research Congress. In my teacher training I was interested in anatomy but not passionate about it. It just seemed liked everything was broken out into pieces which is not really how I feel about my body. Fascia research however is FASCINATING. I first became aware of fascia during my Yin Yoga practice. I had never heard of it before but the teacher kept referring to it so I went and did some research. A light went on…  Our bodies are not separate pieces. Muscle, bone, tissues, organs.. they all kind of blend into one another. When we look at bodies in anatomy books we are seeing the body with much of it “cut away”. This makes it easier to explain things but having this view of the body really negates the reality that everything is totally interconnected. This is where fascia comes in…  Fascia is a connective tissue. It is EVERYWHERE in your body.

Tom Myers, a leading expert in therapeutic bodywork, says this “The whole connective tissue matrix is one single net.” I know.. big deal right?? BUT IT IS A BIG DEAL. Everything is connected. There is no gap. When you bonk your toe you shoulder is affected.. your BRAIN is affected. And when we stop moving these connective tissues they can harden. Things tighten. We stop being able to move. This is where we need to take some big lessons from the animal kingdom on how to live in our bodies.

The whole way we have been taught to “train” our bodies totally doesn’t take this connective tissue idea into consideration. It is a revolutionary way to think of our bodies (in the west) and if taken seriously could completely change how our medical professionals deal with us. Really. No more of the “Doctor can only see patient about one issue per appointment” sign in the doctors office. Can you imagine?

Okay.. enough of yoga nerd babble about this. I just know I really want to learn more.. and I really want to learn how yoga, eastern body sciences and acupuncture tie into all of this.

For now I will direct you to an interesting post on the subject.