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My yoga practice has been sliding again lately. I do little snips and bits here and there but things always seem to get in the way. Letters, emails, promotional stuff, toddler dramas… these all fill up those little moments of spare time. I was doing a regular practice at night but then this battle started with my toddler about bed time. I realized that after fighting to get her into bed for two hours I am just too tired to do yoga. My night practice ended up being kind of blah. All I could think about was getting it over with so I could go to sleep. Not really the approach I want to have in regards to my yoga practice.

I have decided to stop trying to practice yoga at night. It is too frustrating at this time in my life.  I have been looking at my daily schedule and have made a promise to myself to find an hour a day that I commit to yoga while it is light out. A SOLID hour. It will involve some discipline (less Facebook) and maybe a bit of a pay cut but it is important to me. I am just calmer, healthier and happier when I have a regular yoga practice. Emails can wait.. promoting my yoga business can wait, phone calls can wait. I am afraid I have been getting a little caught up in the “frantically accomplishing very little” the past few weeks.

I truly believe it is important to set aside some time for ourselves everyday. Ensuring we give ourselves moments of self care make us more productive anyway.