Day 156 was lovely.. I got up early and did an hour practice before work. I felt recharged and clear for the whole day.

Day 157 I could feel a bit of a bug creeping in. My daughter just had a hell cold so I kept my practice quiet and focused on healing gentle asanas. It was nice and seemed to help a bit. That night I taught a gentle hatha class. The two hours of yoga felt perfect for me, especially since the sessions had been so gentle.

Day 158 the cold settled in my nose. Ugh.. I went through the heart chakra class I was planning to see what sorts of modifications might be needed. I am starting to feel more confident sequencing classes so it didn’t take too much time. My body was really struggling though. I had the “aches” that come along with being sick.

Day 159 I practiced some more for my heart chakra class. My balance was completely off.  I was feeling a little stressed because there was a woman who is opening a studio that wanted to come check out my class. I guess this happens often. It felt like I was preparing for a job interview. A yoga one.. but I still was a little in knots. My cold got worse and I ended up taking cold medicine (which I NEVER DO) just to get through the class. It brought to my attention that I don’t really have things set up in regards to “subs” for my classes. The woman? She never showed up. Just goes to show that being stressed about something in the future is pretty silly.

Day 160 was a crash and burn day. I thought about doing yoga. That was enough for me. Even thinking about it wore me out.

Day 161 involved more exhaustation. I felt a little frustrated because I had this grand plan to take time for myself and yoga everyday. I guess “time” can also mean “bed”. Sometimes doing nothing is the best solution. I am feeling a tiny bit better now though… maybe a gentle entry back into my practice is in order.

Life… sometimes it has it’s own plan.