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Thankfully the class I taught tonight was Yin. I am still getting over this cold and teaching a Yin class was pretty much the only pace I could handle. I think it went well. It is so hard to tell if your own teaching is any good. I think I talk a little too much in Yin Yoga classes. I remember being in Yin classes in the past and thinking to myself “will the teacher ever shut up??” I know I know…. not very “yoga” of me to think thoughts like that is it? But really when you are trapped in a room, being told to stay still and working through some very intense “Yin sensations” a yoga teacher can be really annoying addition to whole experience. So now I wonder… Am I the really annoying Yin Yoga teacher?

My own practice has been pretty low key lately. I am still feeling some frustration about it. My journey into teaching yoga hasn’t been the glorious flexible shiny experience I had imagined. I thought I would be able to do the splits. I thought I would eat “raw food” and never get sick. I thought my grey hairs would vanish and my skin would glow. No, no.. that is not the reality at all. I am sick, slacking on my own practice, and eating chocolate to make myself feel better. And it isn’t raw chocolate. It isn’t even organic. I am so going to have zits tomorrow. I know, OVERSHARING… Time to log off before I embarass myself even more. I think I will go practice some Star Wars Yoga.