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My physical asana practice has been kind of slow lately. I made the commitment to give myself an hour of practice a day. Yay! Go me!! Day 2 of this new routine myself, my son and my daughter all became sick. Sigh… Rather than fight it I am flowing with it. Rest not routine. Despite this “resting” I have still been learning a lot about yoga. I have been spending as much time as possible reading about chakras (in bed with kleenex and hot tea in hand).

The chakra series I am teaching is forcing me to delve a lot deeper into my own understanding of the chakras. Like I said, I am learning a lot. Not just about the chakras… I am learning a lot about myself too. This week I have been focusing on the Vissuddha Chakra (throat). It represents purification, honesty, creativity and communication. In a sense this is where our “higher truths” come from because this chakra works more on a spiritual plane than with everyday life.The demon of this chakra is LIES. Which brings me to my learning. What I am noticing as I work with this chakra is how often I lie to myself. Little lies but lies none the less. Often these lies come more from laziness than a blatent desire to deceive. I tell myself it is okay if I do “this” or “that” but I know deep down it isn’t.

At the moment  one of the things I am looking honestly at how much time I waste on the internet. Don’t get me wrong. Wasting time is a good thing sometimes. But I can feel that I spend too much time browsing online. I can feel in my body that it isn’t good. I sit totally still, back hunched, staring at a screen. It drains me. Somehow I have justified to myself that is is healthier than television but really I am not so sure it is. Surfing the internet changes your brain. I can feel my attention span shorten. I can feel my body tighten.

Yoga has a funny way of doing this to me. It shows me things I might not want to look at it. It gives me clear honest messages. I can chose to take action with the messages I am given or not… but I can’t pretend I haven’t heard them. It forces me to look at myself with honesty.