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In my own life yoga has done incredible things for my mental health. It has calmed me, helped me through bouts of depression, improved my outlook on life and in general made difficult times feel more manageable. As I research yoga and how it physiologically affects the body my suspicions are confirmed. It isn’t all in my head. Yoga actually does make you “feel better”. That doesn’t mean it makes your problems go away but a regular yoga practice can provide a sense of calmness that makes problems easier to face.

I am very enthusiastic about this part of yoga. Because of this I have really wanted to teach it to people who might be suffering from some mental health issues. My final paper in school was on “Yoga for Addiction”.  I am a new teacher and know there is little funding in this area so I had decided to offer a class in this area once a week on a volunteer basis. I have called a few places that I was told did this sort of thing. They haven’t called back. Actually I haven’t even received feedback on my final paper despite already having my teaching certificate. Granted I did hand in my paper at an odd time. I had asked for an extension so I could spend some extra time on it rather than rushing through it so it was done by my course completion date. I think it  just got lost in the shuffle. I passed. My paper was good enough that I passed the course. I just never got any feedback.

It just feels the doors aren’t opening in this area. Maybe I need to push harder? I don’t know. I am feeling a little frustrated though and a bit insecure. I think I will just leave it for a few months until I am a bit more confident with my own teaching. I keep reminding myself that there isn’t a big rush with becoming a yoga teacher. This career choice isn’t supposed to cause more stress in my life. So I gently keep reminding myself that taking things slow is okay.