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The baby had a good long nap.. which meant I had a good long yoga practice. Lately a lot of my yoga practices have involved going through the classes I am teaching so I can see how they feel in my body. There is a lot of “in and out” of postures. I take notes. I run to look something up on the internet to make sure I am doing it correctly. I see how things “flow” together and if it feels natural. I really enjoy looking at my yoga practice this way but it does change it. There is less of a meditative quality. My practice becomes more about teaching and less about me. I suspect preparing for classes will take less time once I have more teaching experience so I am trying not to worry about this change of pace. It is really important that I keep developing and deepening my own practice though. I want to focus on making sure that I take the time for myself, not just for my classes.

With this in mind I had a LONG yin yoga practice today just for me. And you know what? It was REALLY HARD to stay in the postures for five minutes. I used to find it pretty easy but the way I have been practicing lately is so different. I actually had the body aches again coming out the yin postures. I found myself wondering when the hell my meditation bell would go off so I could get out of the damn postures. It was sort of funny. I have some time set aside tomorrow for a yin yoga session and I am curious to see if day two feels the same. It certainly helped me feel compassion for anyone who I might be teaching yin yoga to that struggles with the long holds.