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I haven’t had much opportunity to get out to a yoga class lately so all of my practice has been at home. I seem to have incredible Yin Yoga sessions on my own but when I do other  kinds of more active yoga it doesn’t feel as focused. I get a bit lazy and do the asanas I love instead of mixing it up. Then I get a bit bored. I look at the clock. I wrap it up a little too quickly. I suppose a big part of this is because I am always behind on things around the house. I have the same issue when I work from home. The dishes call out to me. I think about how it has been weeks since the bathroom has had the scrub it needs. I just don’t remain as focused. There is just something beautiful about going to a studio and having someone else tell you what to do. It requires way less discipline.

Finding the time away from the house is challenging these days so I think I am going to get back to the online yoga thing. Anyone have recommendations for great yoga teachers who have some free online classes??