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It never ceases to amaze me how much time and energy my children take. I love them to bits and know this time doesn’t last forever so most days I am okay with the vortex that comes along with raising children. It does make it challenging to maintain a regular yoga practice though. The ONLY moment I could find to do yoga today was while I was at a paintball course waiting for five teen boys to finish shooting each other. Thankfully we live in a beautiful area with lots of woods so my yoga practice was under the trees in nature….with rat tat tat sounds in the background, and all kinds of yelling “he’s over here! shoot shoot shoot!!!!, GET HIM,” Yup. It is a colourful life.  The yoga was nice though… I love doing yoga in nature even if  the background sounds were a little distracting. The boys had fun and my back feels much better thanks to the time spent stretching. Ahhhh yes, the life of a householder yogi.