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One of the silly little worries I had about becoming a yoga teacher was about the fact that I pee six hundred more times a day than the average person. No it isn’t a bladder infection.. no it isn’t kidney problems. I have had this since I was a wee kid. I pee. Often. As you all know, when you have to pee you become tense. When you are teaching and/or doing yoga you should be relaxed. I have always wondered what happens when a yoga teacher has to pee during class. I have NEVER been in a class where the teacher actually left to pee. I wondered if somehow doing yoga regularly made one super human and immune to these lowly bodily functions such as the urgent need to run to the bathroom.

It happened. My worst fear. I had to pee. Actually it was a double whammy of my worst fears during my class last night. I was so excited to teach the Ajna Chakra. I was so inspired about the subject matter. I offer classes in small church on Sundays. Before the class there is a service. I often smell left over donuts and cheap coffee in the air. Last night when I turned on the furnace there was also a faint smell of cheap perfume. I had an allergic reaction to it just as I was TRYING TO TEACH PRANAYAMA. My throat closed up. I couldn’t breath. It was very scary. I turned off the furnace so it would stop blowing the scent I was reacting to around the room. I ran downstairs and drank water to open my throat and wash the allergen away. I drank more.. and more and more.. It took 4 cups of water before my throat relaxed and I could continue teaching. I was quite shook up and my teaching felt very jarred.

Then I had to pee… The class felt like it went on for hours. I tried to keep my voice calm but my insides were burning. I thought Savasanah would never end. My “OM” at the end of class felt squeaky. The second the class was over I fled. I guess yoga teachers do have to pee. My students said they didn’t notice a difference but I wonder if they were just being polite. I think cough drops or something like that is going to become an addition to my teaching gear because I never want to go through that again.