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I am going to a workshop in a few weeks on Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Piercy. I am super excited about it.  I would like this to be one of my 500 hour teacher training modules but I just don’t know that I can actually afford to do a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.. even if I have three years to do it in. I signed up for this Yoga Nidra Workshop and have been in financial stress every since. There is another workshop next month for Yoga and Mental Health and I dearly want to go.. but alas I cannot. Things are just not financially stable enough for me to spend more money. Sooooooooooo now the depth of my understanding of yoga philosophy get put to the test. How do I deal with yearning, craving, wanting? How do I accept where I am at this exact moment and find fulfillment here rather than feeling dissatisfied because I can’t get what I want?

I read an interview at the YellowYogi website with Wade Morisette and in it he says “I’ve spent $180,000 over the last 15 years in yoga trainings &retreats and at the end of the day I’ve come full circle to where my practice first began – learning to breathe consciously.

Ummmm  $180,000??? Really??? Jebeezuzz….  I think I am out of my league here.

I do think further education in yoga is valuable, especially when it comes to expanding ones knowledge to teach students in a safe manner. And I think that I “usually” get more out of going to a class setting than I do from reading a book. But like I have said in other posts… I didn’t get into teaching yoga to be more stressed. Nor did I get into doing yoga to be more stressed. So I have to be honest with myself and my current financial situation. I just can’t afford much extra training at the moment. Thank god there are books and the internet…. I can still find lots of learning there. I think my yoga retreating, 500 hour superstar yogi self will just have to wait a while.