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One of the grads from my teacher training certification course has partnered up with Barefoot at Heart Yoga. They just took over another friends old studio downtown and the space is BEAUTIFUL. Barefoot had their grand opening this weekend celebrating with free yoga. Thankfully I had time to get down there for a class.

I took a beginner level class with Taryn Strong of Anahata Moon Yoga. Her class was fun and her energy was bright. We talked a bit after class because she has started teaching a Yoga for Recovery class that works with the 12 steps of addiction recovery. It was nice to see someone else on a similar teaching path as mine but a little further along the road with teaching experience. We both really feel that this part of yoga is about to burst. There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL with yoga and it’s place in a mental health/addictions/PTSD environment. There is also tons of research being done now studying the effects a yoga being utilized in this way… Almost all of it is returning positive results.

I have been reading Gabor Mate’s book In the Realm of Hungry GhostsClose Encounters with Addiction which is an incredible read about Vancouver’s downtown east side and one doctors experiences treating addicts there. Taryn mentioned that Gabor Mate has started partnering up with yoga teachers to create an addictions recovery program that includes yoga. Sadly these workshops/teacher trainings are really out of my budget at the moment but I am happy to see such things are being offered regardless. It is a very inspiring time to   become a yoga teacher. I truly believe yoga is going to move beyond the posh yuppie studio stereotype it has developed the past few years and become more integrated as a general path to health and wellness for everyone whether they be rich, poor, young, old, tall, short.. and so on..