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I introduced Sushumna breathing to my Yin Yoga class the last night. I am not sure what they thought of it or how it went. It came up because I’d had two people contact me online about this style of breathing asking questions so I had been doing a lot of research. I have often done this breath before after being taught how to do it by one of my first yoga teachers. I did the breathing in a reverse style from what is normally done in accordance with the instructions/explanation in Sarah Powers’ “Insight Yoga” book. Reversing the breath in this way is supposed to have a balancing effect on the practitioner. The students there had some yoga experience so I thought it would be okay. I never know about teaching this sort of thing though. I don’t think people expect this to come up in their yoga class. The physical asanas we normally do in many classes are just a small fraction of yoga and what it is all about so I like to bring other aspects into my classes. I think it turns some people off. Sometimes I wonder if I should leave this sort of thing out completely and just start offering some weekend workshops where interested students can dive in a little deeper.

Which bring me to ask? What do you expect when you go to a yoga class? A good stretch? Relaxation? Yoga Philosophy? Would you be surprised if the teacher introduced meditation and/or pranayama (breathing techniques)?