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It was the first night of my Yoga Nidra teacher training workshop with Jennifer Piercy. It felt like I had to move mountains to get to this workshop. My poor hubbie had to work until 6:00 am last night so I could go. I was in financial stress for the past month because of the cost. Thank god the actual workshop is RELAXING and is helping me place all these worries and little stresses aside.

I am very inspired by the kind of work Jenn and other teachers like her are doing. Teachers that really show us the value in slowing down. Being okay with “non doing”. I have spent so much of my life feeling guilty if I am not succeeding or accomplishing something. It isn’t that doing things is bad. Being productive can be wonderful and incredibly useful in life. But  being frantic, uptight and lacking rest isn’t how I want to live my life. I am happy to S L O W down. I am thrilled at the idea of a yoga teacher guide me into a deep meditative/sleep-like state. My 17 year old self is reading this and cringing right now.

So the first night of the workshop was wonderful. I feel asleep during class…