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Neither of my babies have been sleepers. They were up every two hours until they were both well over a year old. I never really appreciated how precious sleep was until I had children. This last time around (being a new mother) I had a little breakdown in the doctors office. She prescribed sleep. She even gave me a doctors note to help me getting funding for childcare so I could collapse. “Depriving people of sleep is a form of torture” she told me. Sadly I was so exhausted, tired and generally so out of it I couldn’t even get it together to deal with the bureaucracy that came along with trying to get funding to sleep. It was hell. Thankfully the baby started sleeping through the night a few months later.

Now I am greedy for sleep. I started writing this blog as a way to keep on track with my yoga practice but I have struggled keeping up with it. My free time is in the evening. I would rather be sleeping. I am really working towards not feeling guilty about this desire to “konk out” instead of be productive.

The Yoga Nidra workshop I am taking isn’t really about sleeping. It is more about entering altered states of consciousness. It is so close to sleep though the subject matter of quality sleep keeps coming up in our discussions. This is where my learning is happening in the workshop.  Jenn keeps recommending a book “Take a Nap! Change Your Life“.  which I think will be treating myself to in the next few weeks. It is a simple to read book that is chocked full of little useful tidbits about sleep, when to sleep, and what different stages of sleep do for you. Apparently the average person can have up to a 3 hour long nap during the day without it affecting their night sleep at all. I know in my heart that I need this day rest. I have always said that my employers are pretty much wasting their money on me after 3:00pm. When I was younger I attended art school in Mexico. Siesta is a tradition down there so I came home and snoozed every afternoon. Everything shut down until around 5:00pm. The stores stayed open late after that. I was in heaven. My energy was bursting. I had found my natural rythm.

So sleep….have I mentioned how excited I am about it???  Maybe I will try to book a sleep-cation if life permits the opportunity.