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In Yoga Nidra there is something called Sankalpa that is used in the practice. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to “an idea brought into existence”. Essentially it is setting an intention for yourself. Often Sankalpa is practiced after taking a moment to practice gratitude for something (or someone) in your life. From this place of deep gratitude we ask ourselves “What  is our deepest desire?“. I have noticed that my Sankalpa tends to feel more “true” if I take the time to practice gratitude first. Without the gratitude part of the exercise my mind comes up with silly things like “God, I really need a new car, the one I have is falling apart“. The Sankalpa is repeated to oneself a few times during the practice, planting a seed of the potential when the practitioner is in a deeply relaxed state. I have a background in ceremonial magick and the practice of Sankalpa feels very similar to a personal ritual. Amazing things can happen when we plants seeds deep in our subconcious mind.

This weekend my Sankalpa was about becoming a yoga teacher. I have this incredible urgency about wanting to be a good teacher. I am filled with insecurities about my own teaching ability. It just all feels so damn important right now for some reason. I was like this when I became a designer too and it was really wearing on the soul. Every rejection feels like a kick in the teeth. I know in my heart this is all totally silly  but somewhere deep inside I keep getting this feeling come up “I am not good enough“.  My Sankalpa was about dumping any expectations and just moving forward as a teacher despite my feelings of insecurity. I was very grateful for the practice this past weekend. It didn’t get rid of the jittery feelings I have but it helped put them in perspective.