My practice today was pretty quiet. A quick little hatha session while the baby was sleeping.. such is life. I have a lot of work around the house to catch up after being away all weekend. Plus my knee is quite sore after sitting on the floor all weekend during the workshop. I am feeling like I need to baby it a bit. Yes, the knee is still acting up. I thought  it was getting better so I tried to go for a short run. Ouch. The knee is not better. A torn meniscus is a hell of an injury to work through. I worry I keep re-injuring it. I am trying to be careful but it is difficult because the pain doesn’t come until well after I have stretched it too far. The doctor warned me about this. Delayed pain. He said “use common sense”. It is a little tricky when one is used to being pretty active. I am just grateful spring is on the way. With the warmer less wet weather me and the baby can go for some long bike rides without her freezing her buns off.