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My classes have been pretty small lately. I got a little burnt out on promoting my yoga teaching and I have really noticed the difference since I became a bit more quiet. It is hard to talk about yourself all the time. “Pick me pick me!!!”.  It gets tiresome and I think my friends are a bit sick of hearing about it. I am just going to back off for a bit and take it easy. I have family visiting. My allergies are at their yearly high. My energy is a bit low.

I have a poster that someone is going to help me hand out and a resume that I am ready to send out. I think that will have to be it (promotion wise) for the next few weeks. My actual yoga practice has been regular but simple. My knee injury was doing so much better so I started being less careful and now I think I have re-injured it. How frustrating. I can feel my flexibility decreasing in certain areas because I just can’t do some stretches safely right now. I am gaining a bit of weight too because I am less active. When I was younger I was very athletic and I tore a ligament. I remember feeling this way then too. Frustrated and like I will never be fit again. I know things will turn around. It will just take some time and gentleness with myself.