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I have really had to scale back on the physical asanas recently so instead of working with quantity I am focusing on quality. I am practicing the most simple asanas while really paying attention to how my body responds. What part of the body do I feel the posture in? What moves? What moves that maybe shouldn’t? Where do I hold my tension? How often does my face tense?? I have been doing yoga long enough that I am pretty good at keeping my breath in sync with the movements but little tensions here and there still creep into my practice. This slowed down practice is allowing me to look a lot deeper into my habits. What part of the body avoids the posture? What parts of the body do I numb out? Numbing out is a big one for me… I say I have a high pain tolerance but in actual fact I think  I am just pretty effective and “numbing” parts of my body so I don’t feel pain. Sometimes this is related to emotional pain. Sometimes it is just to avoid physical pain. Ahhhh yoga.. you have no end of lessons for me do you?  My yoga practice really does force me to look honesty at myself.