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The alumni group from my yoga teacher training school had a networking event this weekend. It was totally delightful hear other teacher’s experiences. I didn’t realize how isolated I was feeling until I had the comfort of hearing other peoples stories. Yes, getting insurance for yoga can be a pain in the butt and I am not the only yoga teacher who is struggling with childcare. Really these aren’t just yoga teacher issues but it was nice to sit in a room sharing horror stories (and beautiful success stories too) about yoga.

There was also a talk from the Victoria Yoga Teacher Collective about their upcoming program of teachers offering classes, critiques and workshops to other teachers. I love the idea of skill sharing like this but I am totally terrified about the idea of teaching a class to my peers. Mortified actually. I had to teach a Yoga Nidra session to some teachers at the last workshop I attended.  I felt like it was my yoga teacher training final exam all over again. Thankfully the response from the teachers I taught was positive. That helped my confidence a bit. Teaching teachers has consistently been my least favorite part of this whole “becoming a yoga teacher” learning experience. Every time it feels like a final exam in school. I never was very good at handling the stress of tests. Sadly though, I live in a part of the world where honest feedback can be hard to find. We can be a little too polite sometimes here on the west coast. I really do need some suggestions and critiquing from people who have experience taking yoga classes. I guess its time to put my big girl panties on and allow my ego to drop enough for me to listen honestly to feedback about my teaching style/pace etc. Teaching yoga is a bit like driving. It is pretty easy to start developing bad habits. So far my most noticeable bad habits are forgetting to introduce myself and neglecting to tell students where the bathroom is.